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Some years ago, when I underwent a process of continuation of my university education I got an advice. It was from my Rural Sociology lecturer, Joost Dessein. On his first class, he said to me, and all the students as a mater a fact, that after reading each scientific article we should write a couple of sentences about that article. What we read, what we see important in the article, etc.

Now, after some years, and having read so many articles, I see the importance of this small, but very significant exercise. It is a way of remembering the article, a method that provides me with notes that I may use in future, but it is also a way of stimulating the thinking.

These notes of mine are precisely that. A record of my thinking, stimulated from the things I've read, or I've experienced. The writings here are not research results or report conclusions, and should not be regarded as evidence or a form of definite results. The notes here are mere thoughts on issues, that I deem as interesting to write a note and share it on the Internet.

I am writing for my self, because through writing I stimulate my thinking. However, I do hope that these notes will be read by someone, and that there will be reactions and comments. As any researcher and professional I do understand the benefit of being challenged, and I do urge all of my readers to challenge my thoughts. For through challenging of my thinking I can become a better thinker.

Thank you.

If you, the reader would like to have further scientific debate with me, on any issue, I do have profiles at several research/scientific on-line communities:
Or you can write me a mail.

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